Diggers, PWD Falkland Islands


The PWD (Public Works Department) began in 1843 when Governor Moody appointed a Surveyor General, Murrell Robinson, to transform Stanley into a new Falklands capital. Since then large projects have been overseen by the department including the Dairy Paddock Reservoir, the Power Station, Moody Brook dam, Stanley Airport and the School Hostel. Essential infrastructure is created and maintained by the PWD; this workload has greatly increased with the sudden expansion of Stanley following the 1982 conflict. The PWD is a large employer, especially in Stanley, with a highly skilled workforce responsible for water supplies, power and electric, housing, waste management, design and contracts, plant and vehicles, the quarry and the network of roads that was built all over the islands.

Currently 'Tussac House' flats- with assisted living facilities is being built in Stanley to provide living space with help for those who need it. Future projects include a new dock for Stanley.











Photographic credits: Robert Maddocks
Sources include: Wikipedia, Falkland Islands Government website: www.falklands.gov.fk