LEGISLATURE, photo of Gilbert House


The Legislative Assembly,  is composed of eight members elected for four year terms, five from Stanley and three from Camp.Two ex officio members (the Chief Executive and the Director of Finance) also attend although they do not vote. A Speaker chosen by the Assembly Members chairs meetings. The Commander of the British Forces and Attorney General may also take part in proceedings.
There are no political parties on the Falklands Islands so politics are minimal. Elections are held every four years. All Legislative Assembly Members (MLAs) are elected as independents and there is no organised opposition. Governmental and legal proceedings are very similar to in Britain.
The Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) have offices at the historic Gilbert House. They have a salary and work full time. Meetings are normally held every two or three months  in the Court and Assembly Chamber of the Town Hall.  A MLA can introduce a bill or propose motions for debate. Most are passed by a simple majority of the elected members with the presiding officer having the casting vote.




Photographic credits: Robert Maddocks
Sources include: Wikipedia, Falkland Islands Government website: www.falklands.gov.fk