The Falkland Islands and South Atlantic
MAMMALS Falkland Islands, fox imagePhoto Dilys Waton


Dolphins and Porpoises Falkland IslandsDolphins and Porpoises

Whales Falkland IslandsWhales

Seals Mammal Falkland IslandsSeals

Rodents Falkland IslandsRodents (introduced)

Hares and rabbits Falkland IslandsHares and rabbits (introduced)

Patagonian fox Falkland Islands WeddellPatagonian fox (introduced)

Reindeer Falkland IslandsReindeer (introduced)

Guanaco Falkland IslandsGuanaco (introduced)

Warrah (extinct)


Photographic credits: Hare-Robert Maddocks, Reindeer-Nyree Heathman, Guanaco-LakovFillimonov/, fox Andrea Izzotti/, mouse Szasz-Fabian Jozsef/, Commersons Dolphin-Nodir-Tursunzade/, Whale- Russell Evans, Leopard seal Biffo Tuson
Sources include: A Narrative of the Voyage of HMS Beagle-Captain Robert Fitzroy,R.N.
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