Pond in the camp


  • peaty-hole






The Falklands has several thousand lakes and ponds, many which are really only pools. They are mostly found on large peat 'flats' where on the impervious soils, easily erroded, they form shallow peaty ponds, generally under two metres deep. However, there are several quite large freshwater lakes, Lake Sulivan on West Falklands being the largest at over 9.6 km (6 miles) long over its two sections. The 'Home Flock' between Fox Bay East and Little Chartres has innumerable small peaty ponds and pools. On the East Falklands Loch Head Pond in the north-east is over 4.8 km (3 miles) long. Most of the East island's ponds though are south of the Wickham Heights, bordering Choiseul Sound and throughout Lafonia where they are numerous on the the low peaty flats.

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