scrub plants, fachine


Scrub- generally small areas where Fachine, introduced Gorse or even Native Boxwood is found.
fachine Fachine Chiliotrichum diffusum snake plant Snake Plant Nassauvia serpens
short rush Short rush Rostkovia magellanica strawberry Falklands Strawberry Rubus geoides
prickly burr Prickly Burr Acaena magellanica pig vine Pig Vine Gunnera magellanica
gorse Gorse Ulex europaeus cinnamon grass Cinnamon grass Hierochloe redolens
mouse ear weed Field Mouse Ear Cerastium arvense vanilla daisy Vanilla Daisy Leucheria suaveolens
silvery buttercup Silvery buttercup Hamadryas argentea boxwood Boxwood Hebe elliptica

Birds that might be seen in scrub:

grass wren Grass Wren (Short-billed Marsh Wren) Cistothorus platensis falklandicus    

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