INLAND ROCK AND STONE RUNS, picture of rocky outcrop

INLAND ROCK AND STONE RUNS- click on an icon to find the plant or bird

Inland rock includes stone runs and the rocky outcrops on the tops of mountains.

Plants that grow in inland rock and stone runs:

ladyslipper Lady's Slipper Calceolaria fothergillii tea berries Teaberry 'Malvina Berry' Myrteola nummularia
snake plant Snake Plant Nassauvia serpens balsam bog Balsam Bog Bolax gummifera
bead plant Bead Plant Nertera granadenis woolly ragwort Falklands Woolly Ragwort Senecio littoralis
strawberry Falklands Strawberry Rubus geoides almond flower Almond flower Luzruriaga marginata
Falkland Rock-cress Phlebolobium maclovianum silvery buttercup Silvery buttercup Hamadryas argentea
vanilla daisy Vanilla Daisy Leucheria suaveolens ssmooth ragwort Falkland Smooth Ragwort Senecio vaginatus
pig vine Pig Vine Gunnera magellanica fern small Small Fern Blechnum penna-marina

Birds that might be seen in inland rock habitats:

link to redbacked hawk Red-backed Hawk Buteo polyosoma peregrine cassins falcon Cassin's (Peregrine) Falcon Falco peregrinus cassini
crested caracara carancho Crested Caracara 'Carancho' Polyborus p.plancus turkey vulture Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura
link to falkland thrush Falkland Thrush Turdus falcklandii dark faced ground tyrant, bluebird Dark-faced Ground Tyrant Muscisaxicola macloviana

Photographic credits: Robert Maddocks, Ali Marsh, Jean Sinclair
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