The Falkland Islands and South Atlantic
Falklands life, picture of barbecue in the campPhotograph by Robert Maddocks


The 2021 census records the usuallyresident population of the Falkland Islands to be 3662 people, of which 2538 live in Stanley, and 604 in the camp (including the civilian population based at MPC). This represents an increase of 8% since the 2016 census. The average age of the population is 40. They are predominately of British descent but some trace back to the 19th century South American, mainly Uruguayan gauchos who worked the cattle, others to sealers and whalers of that time and many to the military pensioners, farmers and shepherds from Britain who arrived to populate the new town of Stanley and to develop sheep farming. Some families trace back 9 generations in the Islands. Today’s population is diverse and cosmopolitan with people from over 86 national identities counted (including notably large Chilean and Saint Helenian communities) living and working in the Falklands. 60% are Falkland Islanders, nearly half of those not born in the islands are from the UK, 19% Saint Helena, 9% Chile, and 9% Philippines. 28% of the population are work permit holders and their dependents. English is the first language and Spanish is the most common foreign language.






Photographic credits: Header, Robert Maddocks,
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