Coastal Heathland Falkland Islands

COASTAL HEATHLAND/ COASTAL CUSHION HEATH -click on an icon to find the plant or bird

Plants that grow on coastal and cushion heathland

diddle dee Diddle-dee Empetrum rubrum scurvy grass Scurvy grass Oxalis enneaphylla
lavender Falklands Lavender Perezia recurvata falklands violet Common Violet Viola maculata
ladyslipper Lady's Slipper Calceolaria fothergillii coastal nassauvia Coastal Nassauvia Nassauvia guadichaudii
fern small Small Fern Blechnum penna-marina woolly ragwort Falklands Woolly Ragwort Senecio littoralis
Antarctic Bedstraw Galium antarcticicum balsam bog Balsam Bog Bolax gummifera
Lesser sea-spurrey Spergularia marina Falkland Rock-cress Phlebolobium maclovianum
thrift Falklands Thrift Armeria macloviana coastal nassauvia Coastal Nassauvia Nassauvia guadichaudii
pig vine Pig Vine Gunnera magellanica dusty miller Dusty Miller Primrose Primula magellanica
strawberry Falklands Strawberry Rubus geoides ssmooth ragwort Falkland Smooth Ragwort Senecio vaginatus
tussac grass Tussac Grass Poa flabellata yellow orchid Yellow Orchid Gavilea littoralis
mouse ear weed Field Mouse Ear Cerastium arvense vanilla daisy Vanilla Daisy Leucheria suaveolens
hairy daisy Hairy daisy Erigeron incertus Lesser sea-spurrey Spergularia marina
dog orchid Dog Orchid Codonorchis lessonii Tufted Azorella Azorella monantha

Birds that might be seen on coastal heathland and cushion heath:

falklands skua Falkland Skua Catharacta antarctica black throated finch Black-throated Finch- Melanodera melanodera
magellanic oystercatcher Magellanic Oystercatcher Haematopus leucopodus two banded plover Two-banded Plover Charadrius falklandicus
    rufus chested dotterel Rufous-chested Dotterel Charadrius modestus



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