• To the south-east of Lafonia, East Falklands, the islands of Speedwell, George, Barren, Lively Bleaker and Sea Lion.
  • In Falkland Sound, between East and West Falklands is Swan Island, with the Tyssen Islands, Great Island and Ruggles Island off Lafonia

Most islands are typically similar to the mainland Falklands that they are closest to. The tiny islands are often covered in tussac grass and this makes them a very important habitat for wildlife. In the past sealers released pigs and goats on small islands for a future supply of fresh meat. They were hunted when required with the aid of dogs or by burning the tussac. Tussac formation on islands was often burned to drive out seals.

Bleaker Island

George and Barren Islands

Kidney Island

Lively Island

Sea Lion Island

Speedwell Island




Photographic credits: Bleaker- Jeremy Richards/, Sea Lion Is-K West/, Cobbs Wren-Vladislav T Jirousek/ Unknown, hope you don't mind,


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