The Falkland Islands and South Atlantic
WEDDELL SEAL Leptonychotes weddelli

WEDDELL SEAL Leptonychotes weddelli

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Weddell seals faces have been compared to that of cats as they have short mouths and similar noses and whiskers. Their head is relatively small compared with their body.

Length: 2.5-3.5m both males and females and weigh 400-600kg. Males weigh less than females although their lengths are about the same.

Food varies, but they take mostly krill and fish sometimes taken on deep long dives.

Pups are around 29kg when they are born. Although it is usual to have a single pup Weddell seals are one of the only species of seals that can give birth to twins.

Range: This seal is found on the fast and pack ice of Antarctica (circumpolar), some breed on South Georgia but occasionally a vagrant is seen as far north as the Falkland Islands.

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