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Although the East has the highest peak in Mount Usborne the West has more mountains, they extend right down the island. Main mountain ranges on the West Falklands are Byron Heights, Hill Cove Mountains, The Hornby Mountain range running south south west to north north west, the block that includes Sulivan and Philomel in the centre of the West, and a range of mountains north east of Port Stephens.The Coast Ridge runs right up the east coast of the West starting at the East Head at Fox Bay East and running parallel to the Falkland Sound through Hill Gap and Shag Cove and beyond Port Howard to Bold Cove.

  • Byron Heights
  • West Heads Fox Bay West
  • Mount Adam at 700m high(2296ft) is the second highest mountain in the Falklands but highest West Falklands mountain, and is is part of the Hill Cove mountain range. There are remains of glacial corries on this mountain.
  • Mount Robinson is second highest West Falklands mountain and joins on to Mount Adam.
  • Mount Edgeworth is east of Hill Cove and north east of Mount Adam, and Robinson, part of the same Hill Cove Range.
  • Mount Maria is part of the Hornby range and Port Howard settlement is at its base. It is 658m high.
  • Mount Moody 554m (1816ft) is part of the Hornby Mountains, the most southerly mountain in that range.
  • Byron Heights and Storm Mountain, situated on a narrow peninsular between Byron Sound and King George Bay is very exposed to weather, hence it’s name. Terrific views towards West Point, Carcass Islands and the Jason Islands to the north west can be seen from here.
  • Mount Sulivan and Long Mountain, rise above Lake Sulivan, and are northwest of Fox Bay, roughly in the middle of the West.
  • Mount Philomel  is part of the same range as Mount Doyle and Gun Hill which is directly across from Chartres settlement and runs towards the Narrows and Dunnose Head. Philomel is a familiar landmark seen from both Fox Bay and Chartres.
  • Mount Young is found in the southern half of the West, near Cape Meredith and Port Albemarle, east of Port Stephens. It rises to 361m (1184ft).
  • Mount Emery is at the north east end of Mount Young.
  • Mount Alice is east of Port Stephens and south of Mount Young. This is the southern most mountain on West Falklands.
  • Grand and Steeple Jasons Islands in the extreme north west of the West rise on Grand to 361m (1186ft) and other islands in the north of the West have high points, including Rookery Mountain, Saunders, 421m (1384ft),  and Mount Keppel at 341m (1122ft).



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